Product School Project

Thursday, 7 July 2016

A while back I completed the Product School 8-week, part-time program that earned me a Software Product Management (SPM)® certificate. While the program is geared to giving people interested in transitioning into a Product Management role a crash course on what’s involved, I decided to enroll to do a gut-check on my experience as I became a PM the old-fashioned way: on-the-job trial-by-fire. The course is designed around going through the process of creating a Product Requirements Document (PRD) for a new feature to an existing product, culminating in giving a 5–10 minute presentation proposing the feature to the class.

While I’ve already made my presentation available for download on the Projects page for a while now, I have added the entire PRD to this site. So if you’re interested, please swing by and check it out.1

  1. I will warn you that this PRD is a bit of a monster as the proposed feature would need to touch three different platforms (smartwatch wearable device, native mobile app(s), and web) and two different user types (consumer/user and third-party developer).